Can I Use The Stonehearth Introduction Trailer

Hello Guys I have wanted to make videos on Stonehearth from Kick Starter and have done some but as the game is starting to get more continent i am now going to make a YouTube Account/channel 98% dedicated to Stonehearth and i would like to know if i can use Introducing Stonehearth the Introducing Stonehearth Trailer for the oping’s of my Stonehearth videos? I have no clue if i can and would love to here from team Radiant yes or no. I did read Stonehearth Video Policy – Stonehearth ( The Stonehearth Video Policy) but it is still unclear to me if i can or can not use it i hope to here if i can or can not soon


PS i hope this is in the right part of the forums i do not know though!

welcome aboard @BloodW0lf! :smile:

you can absolutely make a dedicated SH YouTube channel, but I don’t think you’re allowed to use the exact same, existing footage (whether it’s from a developer or another YT member)…

unless I’ve misunderstood?

that is what i am saying. and yes i did not thank so thanks for your help Steve :smile:

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oh and can i use music from Stonhearth? and if so is there some were were the songs are. I am guessing i can not use them lol

You don’t necessarily need to use @Doug’s (Admittedly awesome :wink:) songs, you can also use some of the songs composed by our own great Discourse users. :smile:

You can find a lot of Songs in the Forum. I suggest looking in the Fan Media Category.

as is the case with using anyone else’s content, seek permission first… :wink:

thanks for all your guises help!!!

Our video policy is here: Stonehearth Video Policy – Stonehearth

You can use any music in the game in your videos.

thank you :smile:!!! is my old youtube channel if you want to see -.-