Using SH Logo in YouTube thumbnails?

Hey there –

I’m making a Stonehearth series on my YouTube channel, and I had a look at the video policy. I was specifically wondering about this part:
Stonehearth and Radiant Entertainment logos – Do not use the Stonehearth and Radiant Entertainment logos without express written consent from Radiant Entertainment. The sole exception to this, as provided for in our End User License Agreement, is that you may use the Stonehearth logo as it appears on a game screen (e.g. the splash screen at the beginning of the game) in any video content you create.

I’d like to know if people are allowed to use the Stonehearth logo on their video thumbnails. I want people to know I’m playing Stonehearth, and I also find the actual logo much more appealing than plain text.



A possible work-around could be to use images of your Hearthlings in your thumbnails.
As in, no logo/text, only different images of Carpenter, Worker, Mason, etc :slight_smile:

You can use Hearthstone logo’s. Just flip it horizontally.

Ahh, the age old ‘YouTube won’t find it if it’s facing the other way’ trick :'D

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