Necromancer Mod Update

I have been looking at updating/adding to the necromancer mod that the crew at Radiant stated. I have moved a few things around to get it setup to work from a necromancer folder as opposed to the startermod folder. I am looking to add abilities to the necromancer so it has 6 like the other classes, so as they level they gain benefits.

So tracing thru the code and such, I am looking to add buffs to the skeletons that are summoned as the necromancer levels up. So things like - a lvl1 necromancer skeletons have more health. At lvl2 the necomancer’s skeletons move faster. Looking at things like that. So it is not buffing the necromancer, it is buffing up the summoned creatures. I have found how and where in the code the skeletons get “raised” but not sure how to change the skeletons abilities as the necromancer levels.

Any help would be great :slight_smile:

Their status are at the data/monster_tuning/undead/necromancer_undead.json
You can then have multiple tunings and at the moment it is applied to the skeletons, you chose the correct tuning for the conditions met.

I found that but was unsure how to “change” that with the change of lvlof the necromancer. I see the code to buff a character, as normal, but since I am not buffing the necromancer, I was not sure how to call for the change in the skeleton based on the necro lvl.

Thanks for the reply! You always have good questions when I watch the dev streams :slight_smile:

   local skeleton_info = {
      --this tuning file is exactly the same as the 'insane_undead' tuning
      --except this one does not have loot, avoiding dropping those items
      tuning = 'startermod_class:monster_tuning:undead:necromancer_undead',
      from_population = {
         location = Point3(0,0,0),
         role = 'skeleton'

You just need to change that tuning line to what ever tuning file you want. Grab the necromancer level and if equals to a number, use the corresponding tuning file for that level.

When I get back home I will check and see if I can get it to work.

Stay tuned for more questions :smile:

So I found the BaseJob:get_job_level() in the base_job.lua. But how to I call that in the raise_dead_action.lua to get the necromancers level?

I have things setup for the skeleton depending on level of the Necromancer. But I still need a point in the right directions as to how to pull the necromancer’s level to choose the correct file as Bruno suggested.

Thanks everyone!!!

local job_component = entity:get_component(‘stonehearth:job’)
local level = job_component:get_current_job_level()

It will be stored in the level variable after running those lines

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Thanks again Bruno…got it working. So skeleton abilities now scale with the Necromancer level. Working on tuning of skeletons and necromancer ability names and description.

Thanks for the help…I will let everyone know when it is done… Maybe someone will play with it and let me know changes they think it needs.


Not sure if this is still in progress, but i’d love to see this when it’s done.
(Always played a Necromancer, Death Domain Cleric, or Oathbreaker in D&D)

So I hope things work out well, and btw do you know any videos which show how to reskin the townspeople? I’d love to do an undead reskin of my Stonehearth.