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Hello everyone, I’m pretty new here. My friend and I have recently gotten into modding and are loving it. We started with the necromancer mod that we saw on the dev stream and have made some good progress on our own. We’ve run into a couple of things we haven’t been able to figure out though.

  1. When we finished up the necromancer class, talismans, promotions, models, and basic ability we noticed that the character info sheet no longer displays anything when someone promotes to the class. Where is the information for this sheet called or provided in the file structure?

  2. How are entities in the world tracked along with their current health status? We are trying to monitor how many summons the necromancer has and limit them.

Thanks for the help!

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Hello @scrawnycalf and welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:

I have not performed any modding myself (yet!), but I expect this to be in the main json of any class.
As an example, if this is the case the description of an Archer would be found in stonehearth/jobs/archer/archer_description.json
Look for the term “description” :slight_smile:

Again, I have not performed any modding myself, but from the top of my head I would say you could add such a feature by:

  • Have each Summon include a value that represent which Necromancer that spawned it.
  • Have each Necromancer include a value that represent their current amount of Summons.
  • Upon the creation of a Summon, increase the value at the responsible Necromancer which represent the current amount of Summons for said Necromancer.
  • Upon the death of a Summon, decrease the value at the responsible Necromancer which represent the current amount of Summons for said Necromancer.

The mentioned values should be added within your respective .json files.
I think the “logic” of increasing/decreasing values must be placed within .lua files - not too sure on how to do it as I’ve never worked with lua.

I hope this provide some food for thought at least; hopefully someone more experienced than me will soon provide additional feedback, too. I whish you the best of luck! :smiley:

Thanks for your response!

We’ve been doing a lot of work in this folder and think we understand it fairly well. There doesn’t seem to be anything here that would control the character info sheet though. The description you mention is just a call to a separate file containing all of text that is in the game (en.json).

I think we are comfortable with the logic part of this project but are still unable to find or create the variables that are used to monitor entities existing in the current world. The .json files all appear to be general files of data, not files used to monitor in game assets.

hi @scrawnycalf, I did some modding that involved checking hearthlings’ health, for the Unit Frame Health Mod. If you like, you are welcome to take a look at the mod’s code in its github repository. You can find the github link on the mod’s thread:

I hope that helps!

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