[MOD] Unit Frame Health Mod

Unit Frame Health Mod

This Unit Frame Health Mod adds a heart icon that indicates the health for the currently selected unit to the Unit Frame seen in bottom left corner of the Stonehearth UI.

Screenshot showing it in action :

Obsolete for Alpha 23+ – Still good for Alpha 19 - 22
Changes to the unit frame in Alpha 23 made this mod obsolete, but if you are using alpha 19 - 22, then this mod is still good.

Version 1.0.1 release on github: stonehearth-unit-frame-health-mod release v1.0.1

Direct link to the smod file: unitframehealthmod.smod


Is this an update to the unit frame activity mod? [Mod] Unit Frame Activity Mod

Does this one includes all the features from the other?


It is separate! The unit frame activity mod is in use here too! I meant to mention that, but it was very late at night when I posted my original post.

Unit Frame Activity Mod shows what the selected unit is doing:

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This seems like a super handy mod! Well done!

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Trying it now. Seems like it’s not very accurate - look at the health, at the “vanilla” heart over the warrior and at your frame-heart.

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Thanks for the feedback, @MelOzone.

I expected it to be a little inaccurate, as I do not have access to the same formula as the “vanilla” uses and so made up a new formula.

But the discrepancy that you are seeing is strangely large.

Can you send me your game save so that I may investigate, please?

1484512144526.7z (6.4 MB)

Note that I use several mods. And this is an after-battle save (although they are pretty regular).


Thank you @MelOzone for the bug report and the save file.

Please download the s’mod again from the updated links in the the first post and you should find that the issue has been fixed.

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Trying it, much better so far.
The heart sometimes overlaps with the text (most notably, pets, doors, turrets). Perhaps you can move it a little bit? Not sure where exactly.

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Hi MelOzone,

I’ll see what I can do.

You mention pets. Which kind of pets? Like a pet rabbit or a wild rabbit? Shepherds’ sheep?

Wild rabbits and tamed poyos in particular.

Yes, I see.

That is partly related to this bug: Animal portraits are not displayed in the unit frame

But I will see if I can fix it for the doors and turrets.

Thanks for the feedback, @MelOzone

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