Show health on the bar for selected unit

Right now health hearts are not always clearly visible.
Suggestion: show health not only in the hearthling’s window but also on the NPC bar (left corner of the screen). Perhaps not as a bar but in a simplified form, as a heart. The same goes for enemies (you can’t open the same window for them!). This will allow easier combat evaluation in cramped conditions.

PS. But I would also suggest making the surroundings (trees, rocks etc) semi-transparent when the combat is within the screen.

PPS. The combat on “normal” is now actually interesting! Not as insanely challenging as on “hard” but still entertaining. Keep up the good work guys (and gals)!

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I think I can make a mod that will show the Hearthlings’ health in the unit activity frame, left corner of the screen, when the character is selected.


I’ve made a mod!