Is there a way to see actual numeric hearthling health?

I would like to see my hearthlings health, like in A20 but since the devs changed the hearthlings info UI, I’ve lost the health bar :confused: (As exemple, when you see your hearthling health bar with 200/225 HP).


If you have debug tools enabled, you can select the hearthling, then open the object browser (little blue square lego piece), click on the link next to “stonehearth:expendable_resources” and you’ll see both the value and the percentage (between 0 and 1) of the health and other resources.

We will take your concerns into account for when we rework the health system. There should be an effective way of conveying the health to players. :slightly_smiling_face:

The current heart indicator abstracts the values to a graphical representation, but between some display bugs and whatnot it might not represent accurately the current health, since the chunks are not of the same size. Our UX designer is aware of the problem and we’re thinking of new ways to improve the UI and the systems.