Permatnent Hearthlings Health-Indcator


As seen in the screenshot the health-indicator is not going away after the heartling is fully recovert.
I encountert this bug severel times now. I think 4-5 of my heartlings are running around with the indicator showing permanent. Its only a samll bug but i thought i bring it up anyway.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. get heartling hurt
  2. let them heal

Expected Results:
indicator going away when heartling is at full health

Actual Results:
indicator showing when hearthling is at full health

I yet don’t know it it goes away after they get injured again but i only ever saw this on non combat units.

Version Number and Mods in use:
no mods

System Information:
Windows 10
Geforce GTX 1070

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The numbers might indicate that the health is full, but the heart indicator is not full so it doesn’t disappear.
Internally the health is a number with decimals so it might not have fully recovered yet, and the number at the character sheet might have been rounded up and be incorrect.

Could you upload the savefile where the bug is happening?

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Well i would upload the save but its 95MB and 18 000KB when ziped.
I get the Maximum upload error. (10 000KB)

If it exceeds 10MB you’ll have to upload it to a cloud storage site like Dropbox, Google Drive, File Dropper, etc. and post the sharing link here.

Ok i can upload it to my dropbox.
I just need to know the E-Mail to share.

When you click on “Share”, there should be a link saying “Copy link”.
This will give you a sharing link without needing to input an email. The file will only be accesible by those that go to that link.


3 of the heathlings are at the sheep pasture.

Thx btw there is a building that won’t finish just right outside the wooden wall on the mountain.

forget about the building i found the error

Hmm yep, the health is maxed but the health percentage is less than 100% and for some reason won’t go up, seems bugged.

The unfinished building can’t be finished because there are two missing blocks that the hearthlings can’t reach in order to place them, maybe it could be fixed adding ladders… Thanks for the savefile!

Mine was on a combat unit, cleric. Indicator stayed a long time. No complaint from her, and she could have obviously just healed herself if she wasn’t actually full. Second time she got injured, another cleric was outside hauling with her, and healed her to full. Indicator went away.

I got 2 clerics but i think this bug has something to do with the way the game handles the indicator and the infoscreen in the infoscreen the game shows full integers and maybe rounds the number but the indicator works with % or float/double numbers and the self regeneration only kick in when the number of hp in the infoscreen is smaller than the max hp.

Well that would be my take on finding the bug in here.
Actual HP: 99.7
99.7 HP is round to the next int which is 100 this means 100/100 HP
0.997 HP is smaller than 1 -> so show this hearthling is injuerd
Hiden Self_healing code:
Takes number from Infoscreen -> 100/100 HP -> hearthling is full HP -> no more self healing to reduce CPU usage

I gues that is the game logic.