Collection of minor UI bugs

None of these is a real problem, and they don’t even seem to be worth their own respective bug report, so here’s a neat bundle… :wink:

Combat party tool tip:
The tool tips for all four combat parties claim the hotkey to be ‘7’, while the actual hotkeys are of course 7-0.

Wrong health indicator:
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Have a Health-boost item ready (that first herbalist drink, can’t remember the correct name now)
  2. Wait for a regular hearthling to wander into enemy territory and sustain enough damage to bring up the health indicator
  3. Use the health boost item
  4. Wait for the hearthling to heal back to full health

The indicator should disappear, but sind apparently the scale for the indicator got changed by activating the health boost (but not, when it timed out again), the indicator remains despite the perfectly full health again.

No character sheet button for enemies:
The player can’t open the enemy’s character sheets, so there should be no tooltip on the enemy’s portrait claiming to do just that:

Clicking it won’t do anything, it’s just the wrong tooltip.

Version Number and Mods in use:
All on release 549, x64, Steam, no mods

System Information:
Windows 10, x64


I’d just like to point out the hearthling in the second picture is your mason, not the worker that the character sheet is for.

@Freedom Erm… What makes you think so? I took that screenshot some days ago, so I can’t guarantee it anymore, though I was pretty sure I made sure to take the correct screenshot… Anyway, the description is correct, and one thing, I forgot to mention: When you reload the game (not just the UI through F5), but you don’t have to restart all of SH), the display is correct again.

sorry don’t mind me, I just thought it was the white sleeves and orangey torso. And as you can see in the character sheet she should have green sleeves and green torso. But I’m looking at a female worker with the upgraded worker outfit in one of my games and she has white sleeves…
The more you know eh.

Still an odd little bug this :slight_smile:

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I’ll throw in one too.

The “Show character sheet” tooltip on monster info bars is still there in Alpha 20. Obviously not a high priority bug, but it’s been over 9 months. Maybe it got missed?