Transparency Through Trees

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So, ooo! Brainwave! … Took that line from State of Decay…

Speaking of which, fans of that game and those who may not know, they’re making a second one! Check out the trailer!

(Cough) … Anyway! Enough about that and on to the subject.

Just wanted to make a suggestion and offer the idea of having trees be transparent when soldiers are walking through forests and are blocked from view from them. Moreover, I’d also recommend having their Health indicators be more visible in this view while in combat.

Now, obviously this can be applied in several different ways. For instance, this could include all Hearthlings, and either during combat or just all the time. Or, when referring to just soldiers, it could be applied to only when they’re in combat, or similarly, just have the transparency happen all the time.

As always, what do you guys think!

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That’s a suggestion I really want to see implemented!


Hey, thanks buddy! Glad you like it!


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I agree that it is sometimes a little frustrating not being able to see the health of Soldiers when they are fighting in the trees. I think that making the trees transparent when they are in combat would be a good idea, it could also be a setting options for those that don’t want it.

another idea I thought of would be some sort of health tracker for those in combat which could be part of the UI, off to the side. like below.



Oh, so like along with each soldier’s own Health indicator, they’d also get an indicator of what class they are?

If that’s what you meant, then awesome! It’d be extremely beneficial to know which classes I would need to remove from combat from those who could continue to fight. Excellent idea!


I was meaning as an additional UI piece off to the side that would indicate which Hearthling were in battle. Which would also be good if you were watching the main battle and a Hearthling somewhere else was being attacked by a different group of mobs.

Also if you were able to click on the icon and it would center the camera on that Hearthling would be helpful as well

the bar would grow or shrink depending on who was in combat.
or even if they were not in combat and was just suffering damage somehow, like a stranded and starving Hearthling, That way you would know they were stranded the moment they took their first tick of damage.



Ah, man! I love it!

I will happily ‘like’ this idea!


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I really love this idea, the only problem is when one day (if possible in the future) we have like 100 hearthlings and like 20 are in combat the squares will be really small in the side bar

then you could have tiered bars


Oooo now you have me hooked

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