Wire-frame Trees

Something that bugs me when trying to control battles or watch battles, TREES.

Now I think the trees are great, but can we do something so that if you’re zoomed way in there is the option to set them to wire-frame or make them transparent in some fashion?

I like watching my hearthlings beat up on mobs, usually up close, but it’s hard to see it without fighting for a view between the trees.


There’s another topic about this, you can find it here:

That gave me an idea;

We already have a button to make walls and roofs from buildings transparent, why not add one for trees and other foliage. Here is a really bad sketch


While sometimes annoying, I quite like the trees hindering my sight. It functions as giving the enemies an advantage in dense forests, while providing you the advantage on open plains and inside your village. This gives a strategic advantage to shaping the terrain in such a way that the places you’re commenly fighting provide good visability, while things like forrests for wood require to be placed strategically not to be a disadvantage.

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We found out recently that your idea is already in the game :open_mouth: (but it’s probably a bug :sob:).

Here’s how: you need to activate slice mode, and select the small or big mining tool. The trees that you hover with the mouse will become translucent as long as you’re hovering over them with the mining tool. Not very useful, but at least is not bad for performance.

We agree that they get in the way of combat and something should be done about that. Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile: