Overlay on the ui with a gold/item counter?

So at the moment i am playing a game, where i focus on how much gold i can accumulate.
I was wondering if it was possible to make a gold counter in the ui? Or how hard is that? And if this is possible, could one make a counter with any item in the inventory? Like for example eggs?

I know i can just open up the inventorytab, but it is so cluttered and i really just want to have a small counter to follow my productionlines without opening any menu :slight_smile:

Anyone that knows just how this could be done? Please help me out with this, i have no idea how to get this done or where to start myself.

A picture says more than a thousand words…


Yes, that can be done to make a gold count display. It would be similar to what I’ve done in the unit frame health mod.

What does the tapestry and grey cube represent?

that was just if it was possible to show how many of certain items you have in storage aswell? the grey cube is an egg :wink:

thanks, i will try and have a look at your mod :merry:

I’m almost there :wink:

stonehearth gold mod WIP

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@Fornjotr, here ya go:
goldcountmod.smod (2.5 KB)


wow! what a nice suprise to start the day with! great work, thank you @illdred! :merry:

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You are welcome, @Fornjotr. :merry:

I’ve made a thread for the mod in the modding category: