Name of the cities

Question for @Albert or @Yshan, will the naming system for the cities be internationalized too?

ähmmmmmmmmm names of the hearthlings and towns: stonehearth\services\server\population\data\

i dont know if it will be logical add all this strings to the en.json

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Well the town’s name are a combination of English terms. I guess it would be logical to have them translatable too because once you play with another language the cities’s name become a bit odd…

(edit: to be precise, the only strings involved are into ascendancy_population and concern only cities’ name, for a total of 78 strings)

Hi all

I would prefer to have a thread per language where People could add strings (e.g. bits) of possible townnames.

Like: List of townendings


List of townprenames:
-Black / White

  • Sea / Hill / River
  • Dark 7 Bright etc.

The reason for this is, one cannot simple translate townnames into another language using googletranslater. i still believe Blizzard did this actually when translating their wow towns into other languages. the result was horrible.

But as I said, maybe the community could help out. Of course we should find a way that Name lists are somewhat proven by actual language natives of that language.

Hmmm not sure to understand because actually what you describe is the way SH create the town’s name. 3 elements are used, an optional prefix, a name and a suffix. If all these 78 strings were translatable it would be suitable for the translator to do they job.

i forgot the possibility that we are able to translate everything here by ourselves. :grinning:

I am absolutely on your side, @Beatrice, if the strings are translatable, I am sure our translaters will do a good Job. :grinning:

Hi @Beatrice,
Yes, I would like to be able to support this. It’s different than translations because names translation means offering a good list of defaults for a language rather than having a town name that changes depending on the language. Once a town name or a persons name is set, it doesn’t change even if the user changes language, and it should show up as the initial language’s chosen name even in multiplayer settings.

Right now, the only way to modify the randomly generated names is to override the .json file that has the ascendency name strings. We should be able to do something better/easier than that in the future. I will look into it.



Ascendancy is just for the existing peoples later like you See in the folder there are more Folks and this would Spam the en.json so i think its the best way at the Moment to override this… So if you need help with the override i will give you the string in the evening :wink:

Why not, we could try this out and see if it works. Tx!

That will work 100 % :wink: i have already override lots of jsons - See the forge and the Dev Tools

Yes but what I mean is it will work as expected ONCE translated because actually the suffix/name/prefix may be a bit tedious to get a name that sounds right, at least in french…

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ok that cant i say ^^ im very very bad at french … language :wink: but if not just make some owns xD

here are the strings - so you must add the files in the translationordner^^ and use to check if all right :wink:

“stonehearth/services/server/population/data/ascendancy_population.json” : “file(translations/ascendancy_population.json)”,
“stonehearth/services/server/population/data/goblin_population.json” : “file(translations/goblin_population.json)”,
“stonehearth/services/server/population/data/undead_population.json” : “file(translations/undead_population.json)”

@yshan for the populations - the surnames must be splitted for male and female ^^ in lots of languages it doesnt work with “the” ^^

Oh interesting! Can you give an example of this? I always assumed that surnames were just family names and didn’t have gender?

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in the ascendancy_population.json its not the prob because the surnames have no declarations ^^ its mostly for the goblins and the zombies like

the Magnificent - for Men der Prächtige and for Women die Prächtige
Skull Crusher - Schädelbrecher (Men) or Schädelbrecherin (Women)
the Decaying - der Verfallene (Men) or die Verfallene (Women)

in german there are three pronouns for the gender like he/she/it der/die/das ^^ like i know its for chinese far more difficult - they have just for men 3 pronouns ^^

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Ooooh I see what you mean now. I did not think about this case. This is good to know. I will look into fixing this.
Thanks for the heads up!


Not related to the names of the cities but still related to names, @yshan, the goblins’ names need to be translated too because they are based upon a characteristic like:

  • Ree Skull Crusher
  • Erde the Sagacious
  • Alsa the Blatant
  • Govi the Magnanimous
  • etc

All this definitively need translation! (soorry, more work for you… :wink:)

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