2650 - Missing string

@Yshan, the “HP” string could be internationalized!


There’s no french translation for the two letters HP as far as I know :confused: Nor for any language really. I could be wrong though.

HP in games pretty much means the same thing across all languages.

Nope in French it’s PV (points de vie).

Oh weird! I’ve never seen that before. I used to play a french game called Dofus on the french servers and it always said hp. So I just assumed that was always the case. Good to know!


@Yshan, another tiny detail that could be translated during the goblin big camp encounter if you decide to satisfy their demand:

(1 of 1) need a string to let people translating “of” (in french would be (1 sur 1).

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@yshan, not really a missing string but:

In the demand list, when an item is more than 1, a (s) could be added after the name of the item to get=

  • 2 Bûche de chêne(s)
  • 1 Hache géante d’os
  • 15 Gerbe de blé(s)

Note that in reality the plural is a much complicated problem because the right translation would be:

  • 2 Bûche(s) de chêne
  • 1 Hache géante d’os
  • 15 Gerbe(s) de blé

But I guess that is way too complicated to code and the previous version would be quite acceptable.

(PS related to this comment: see the name of the npc? Would be “Chef Haaki l’Orange” in french)

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Okay I’m checking in a change to make the HP string be localizable. It didn’t make it into the latest release, so look for it sometime next week. I’ll look into the string names for the goblins. I know I’ve got to add a way to translate the town names as well.


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@Yshan, just a bump as a reminder, just in case for next build! :kissing_heart: