My saftey is not gowing up

I play a while, I’m now on day 25 but ever day 18 is my safety not to high and get as necessary by a new villagers and you do have so many villagers in these days it is fixed at 3 when someone has a tip gladly

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I’m guessing you mean moral?

You’re hearthlings must have beds and diverse food to boost moral

Beds can be crafted by the carpenter, and food can be grown by the farmer
They must have diverse food besides just berries and jerky
And they need beds for sleeping.

The last time i checked, there wasn’t a ‘safety’ score required for new people, and that’s only a few days ago

If there is however, do promote some hearthlings to combatants such as footmen

There IS a safety score that is part of moral. To get it high, build a wall and kill all enemies with soldiers, avoid any fight with other citizens.

i believe that even an enemy base like those small goblin fireplace looking things are taking down the score. Food morale and wealth are the 3 requirment i believe. Though morale should be the easy’st to get up :slight_smile: