Moral stuck safety not so safe

I was a few days into development2477-x64 and I was attacked by about 8 goonies (night time creatures, skeletons and zombies?). This seems to be an increase from before but not a big deal, next play through I will need to have more footmen present. I lost a valiant four citizens while trying to defend the town. Not that big of a deal, I will just get more right? Maybe not.

The citizens fell on the 6th day of the game and I am now on day 12 with moral still stuck at 3.4 (no new hearthlings:(.) My food level keeps going up, currently at 7.4, comfort at the usual 4, but my safety appears to be stuck at .9. I understand that safety should take a penalty but I can’t seem to get this to move. I may also have missed in the forums how to improve safety.


I forgot a few things.
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Ah! I have had the same problem! I lost 2 villagers and got stuck with a 3.5 over all rating. I made some footmen and put people into parties thinking if they went to a “safe space” they would well feel safe. But sadly it never went up so I was stuck and couldn’t get any new people :frowning:

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