My questions and Suggestions


Hello, I wanted to ask a few questions and give a few suggestions while I am at it.
First off i will start with my questions.

  1. When will we be able to play the beta? (this probably has been asked many times but am to lazy to search though all the posts.)

  2. Will you release the game with the option to host your own server?

That is really the only questions I have, now on to my suggestions.

  1. Have the option to not have to play the mini-game for the farms, I for one do not care to have to play mini-games in strategy games and just make it where there is only a 5% chase to get above average food units and a 20% chance of getting below average food units. This way you don’t have to worry about it if you don’t want too micro manage your food but if you have nothing better to do at the time you can op in to have extra food.

  2. Using the monster creation tool to also make custom buildings, adding a resource cost to each block used.

  3. Leader and Hero units, Hero units can be any of the classes or even ones that normal villagers can’t be and are munch stronger, Leaders can give you a over all production boost or give you access to special technology.

  4. Auto Tool/Armor/Weapon making system that you need to use to make equipment for your farmers and soldiers. (like keep X amount of Iron Long Swords in stock or X amount of Iron Hoes in stock.)

All thees suggestions are based on what I have seen or read about the game so please, do not be to harsh on me.


@Seldion … only once or twice it was ask so far ;-). Beta is planned for December this year. Regarding servers, yes, you can host your game on your server.


hi @Seldion … the beta is estimated for release in Dec of this year…

as for your second question, are you referring to the 1 million stretch goal? or…


Quickfire round - let’s go.

1 - Beta December 2013

2 - Hosting your own server - Yes.

3 - There is no farming mini-game, it was some early design they had to portray their idea, there will be a level of depth to farming that if you wish to focus on your farming it will yield greater results, if not you won’t receive the same benefits, but you will still be fine.

4 - Not sure what you mean about a monster creation tool.

5 - Leader/ heroes have been discussed, see [url] here [/url] and [url] here [/url]

6 - This will more than likely be in the game, Tom discussed it in the last livestream when discussing the kickstarter video, the crafting will have something like ‘craft this when stock falls below X’


Thank you for all your replies, The questions I had where answered and I thank you again. (As I don’t have much time to keep track of every little thing as much as I would like too.)

As for the monster creator I saw something in the kickstarter video of him making a monster and talking about sharing them and such with others in the community, so i thought there would be a in game monster creator that would allow you to see your monsters as random spawns and others could download them to add them to they’re world as well.


Ah, I think you’re referring to [url] Qubicle Creator [/url] - It’s the program used to make all the models.

You will be able to make these models and mod them into the game, it’s not an in-game creator, but the ability will be there to download other people’s monsters - modding is something core to the game.