Suggestions from a new players point of view

First off let me say I just love this game. Bought it 3 days ago I and cant stop playing it. This game is addicting and a very fun city builder with a twist. Just love it.

I was reading your road-map and noticed things to come which is great BUT there is some KEY things this game needs that was frustrating for a new player like me.

#1 Farmer Priority… There needs to be a system that you can assign fields to different farmers and a priority list on what ones to tend first. Right now the system is kinda buggy without this and frustrating. Food rots in the fields while farmer running around doing other stuff.
#2 Food Priority… Right now it seems the little hearthlings take whatever food is closest to them when its time to eat. I have good cooked food for them to eat but there picking the raw food from the crate because its closer. There need to be a system put in so the hearthlings eat the better food(cooked) first then go for the other raw food if cooked isn’t there. Also I would love to see MANY MORE FOODS and respies put in. Also mabe a small buff added in for the best foods(hard to make) when eaten.
#3 Mining is out of wack… This system needs improving. If it was set up in a way more like “Minecraft” it would be a dream. Mining should work the same wherever you mine and the lower you go the more rare ore you can get.Took me awhile to figure out that the more rare ores are in the hills and the stone and clay is at sea level. For gameplay sake this needs to change. Sending the poor hearthlings way up in the hills to mine rare ore everyday was a pain when I had a huge mine already made near town.
#4 Fishing…As a alternate way to get foods and even a fisher class would be great. Right now all that water goes to waist
#5 Minecarts… Pretty please add them to the eng class already :slight_smile: .

Well that its for now and again I love this game.

All seem great. A current trick to number 1 that someone on here said, turn off hauling on the farmers. Make farmers a lot more efficient and helps to prevent rotting foods. Number 1 is still needed, but this eases the pain until it’s fixed.

Yes, I forgot about that. It worked but still I feel the basic program should change on this. Farmers should do farming and only farming before doing NON FARMING tasks. Also a set priority on what to farm first to last.

Welcome to the forum, @Islandsteve :slight_smile:

This will come in next Alpha, stay tuned.

This is probably a bug. I think it’s more likely to happen when there are too many farms, but since it doesn´t always happen, we can’t find the exact steps to reproduce it. Any tips on how to reproduce it are welcome.


I kind of like the random food rots in field. It’s the kind of gameplay bug/quirk that makes the game emulate real life slightly, ie food that has been forgotten about during harvest or something…

In regards to food selection, really hope we got some shelving or something in the future to display finished food for hearthlings (or even a shelf of jars and baskets just acting as a container) that they take food from first of all.


this i can confirm, even with 5 farmers and 4 farms, especially in frostfeast, but also happen on reg game, only if farmers are tied up doing something else and doesnt pull those crops in time

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Thanks for the reply.
Food bug can be annoying but fixed by just taking farmers off any other jobs on there list and stick to farming.

Hope to see more foods in. There is already a mod for this. Mabe you can just corporate it into the game and save some work :slight_smile:

For the mining.
I understand from “lore” point of view(or just dev vision) its set up the way it is but why is it so hard to get? What if I didn’t start my town next to a hilly area…then what? Forever starved of iron, silver and gold? Frustrating to say the least. If it was just set up in a way that all ore veins spawn at lower levels as well and you just need to dig lower to reach them would improve this part of game play 100%. Make the hills have more rare ore spawns but dont make it the only viable place to get them.
Also talking about ORE…Can we improve the “Iron” spawn rate a bit and make all the rare ore a bit more accessible? This is really one of the most frustrating things I found about the game. I was always Iron starved even with my town finished.
Also 'CLAY". Can you make this spawn more so near water? I’m never really sure where I can get it at…seem random and its hard to get if your not in the desert.

MINECARTS and TRAINS and TRACKS… Even better also make it transport and have trains that run on tracks as well that carry people and supply’s. That would improve on the game by so much. The already in game Engineer dosnt have mush in his tec tree at the moment . this would be a perfect addition.

Just dig down, about 4 4x4 blocks will get u to the stone/ore area of flat ground

Edit: if you look at the side of the world u can see it

Sorry I am totally against it.
Maybe I am way too accustomed to the current system but it feels more natural and fits way better into this world.

But as micheal_handy76_mh said, you can just dig down to the rocks and look around there :slight_smile:

Perhaps one day in the future it will be more viable and reliable to trade for your resources, I.e. make a farming village, and buy the ores from traders. You can do that now, but the ore trader isn’t reliable enough, nor does he carry enough.

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