A couple questions about the future

Firstly I like this game a lot because of customizability. I can make things look how I want them to which is often what I want in a game about starting a civilization like this one. I picked up this game and loved it like a man loves his wife for a whole night and as I played I wondered some things.

Will there be multiplayer?
The raiding options seem to imply it and such an idea would be entertaining as a mug to have a world with several friends building up your civilizations and having a wicked time cooperating or fighting.

Ability to customize armors visually?
Like I said I love the customization feature in this game to death however I like to build as much as I can. Perhaps we could maintain the crafting costs and effectiveness of an item and make a custom visual? Or make some armors completely custom after a master blacksmith is in our settlement? Just some ideas as though the knight class exists half the fun of a knight class is having specific orders of knights (Teutonic knights, Knights Hospitaller, Knights Templar) Because just having the same type of knight simply being a heavier armor class isn’t really all that fun.

These are ways I just thought we could potentially improve the game. Even how it is I love it dearly. It is almost everything I’ve ever wanted from a game and that I found it and have been able to play and purchase it has been a dream come true :smiley: .

Keep up the good work so far Devs! I love where this is going.

Cheers fellow fan.
There is a lovely cuddly roadmap over here

There are some open points left to be done before they start tackling the multiplayer todo, which is in the masterplan as you see :smiley:

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Ayyy this is pretty helpful. Many thanks :smiley:

So I actually have a question along the same lines and it is mainly because of the AUGUST 9, 2016 dev update. Now this is all beautiful and I am absolutely in love with where this game is going but how would they incorporate the other Kingdoms in multiplayer. From what I have seen the desert Kingdom has its own biome so would it even be possible for say three friends to each play a different kingdom? Either way keep up the good work this game is amazing! :3

@Fragfestak I think you should make this a stand alone topic, it deserves some discussion.

I am not sure about the ability to customize armors visually, but I do know that they will eventually add multiplayer. I have heard that there will be different types of multiplayer too.