My Experience Designing Defenses [Wall Templates]

I figured I might as well share my experience designing silly defenses.
If you want, share the silly things that you build just because.

it has machicolations!

THE WALL & Its Templates Images

The Build



and its done.

Testing Functionality (With Captions)

Oh no, a new arrival.

Rescue mission is a go. Preparing a course for intercept.

We got ambushed! Its okay, it was just an illusion.

I don’t know why we attacked them. She walked right by with no problem.

No need to stay out here and risk being attacked. Live to fight a bigger battle.

The Night Watch. :nerd_face:

None shall pass. :rage:

Some will try.

Many will fail.

Just a little closer. :grin:

There we go. :yum:

Okay thats cheating. :worried: Come back. :cry:

:confused: Sigh I guess we will have to chase them down.

Wait…so, why did we build this wall again? :tired_face: :sob:

Some after thoughts:

The scaffolding is still a big problem, this took way longer than I expected it would and because of that I can’t even finish this post in one go. I will be so glad when its not built up every single block but maybe only every 5 blocks so that it extends the reach of the hearthlings and provides some “stability” to the build as well as an easy way to measure things.

Another problem I ran into was the defend command not working as expected when placed at a higher elevation than the attacker. This did not seem to give any kind of range boost, as the master kobolds could still hit my hearthlings when they should be at a range disadvantage. Also because the cleric could at least spot the enemy within range, they would actually run off of the wall and try to melee the attacker. This means the enemy was also within spotting range of the archers but the archers not only wouldn’t fire, they wouldn’t get in range to fire as the cleric did. This is well beyond ideal. Not only is the defend mode useless for archers on walls because they will not move into range to fire at things unlike a melee class, the clerics in that party become the front line. This is a disaster waiting to happen.
What this forces me to do is instead of putting the archer party on defend, I have them on area attack so that they will do the same thing as the cleric. The problem with this is, now the entire wall is pointless.

In retrospect instead of building the entire wall with an interior, it would have been much more practical to build more of a fence with a gatehouse at the entrance. (EDIT: I have now added more compact templates for this exact reason.)

The game really isn’t ready for walls, as enemies were spawning and despawning as they could not find a path to get inside the town and would constantly fight amongst themselves.

All of these have been updated
These are designed so that you can place ladders at first to climb up to the top of the gate house and then later add stairs and still be able to fit turrets below the stairs. Just be careful when placing windows in the gatehouse walls so that the turrets can shoot through them. If the windows are too low small mobs can walk over them and into your base :open_mouth:

Wood Wall Template Images

Stone Wall Template Images

Brick Wall Template Images

bw l

Stone & Wood Combo Template Images

s&w stairs

Guide to merging wall sections

The main thing I wanted was a design that I could tile easily.
As it turns out this is possible, but there is a trick to it.
Start out placing a template.
Now you want to line up the pillars so that the templates overlap by 1 tile.

After placing it notice that 1 tile overlap is a slightly different color.

To merge the two templates simply grab the eraser tool, and erase and replace the few blocks that are connecting different sections of the build together. Keep in mind slabs, stairs, and floors are different groups so as long as you do 1 from each group usually it will merge. Here there is a pillar of slabs to the left of the stairs that would all have to be replaced for it to merge.


Updated OP with more defense templates including “THE WALL” build and a more conservative design based on the same idea that is much more practical to build and is around 2 to 4 times cheaper in material costs, depending on what you do. I did not include the actual objects like doors, windows or lamps in the build as you can add those as you build it.

As it turns out making this thread is a lot of work so I am being lazy about writing up my thought process in “The Design” summary and I may just scrap the idea entirely. That said, the features that this design has are pretty self explanatory although it still took me quite a while to reach the conclusion that is the current design.

It should be cheap enough now to build quite early on in the game, and is defensible with only a few archers or turrets. You can either build a ladder or add on some stairs later. For the turrets you would need to place a window in front of the ground where you want your turrets to be placed as they do not like being placed on buildings. With the metal door you can also make sure your clerics do not become a front line by locking the door. This should keep everyone safe including your engineers as they repair turrets. Traps can be good early on, but become an annoyance later as it may be cheaper to replace a door than repair the traps constantly.

I hope you find these as useful as I do. Enjoy :merry:

Updated to include red brick clay walls as well as a stone and wood combo wall. added more variants as well. all the template download links have been updated.

Let me know if you find any problems that I missed, thanks :slight_smile:

looking to add these templates to steam…can’t seem to figure out how to do that though.

Are you able to upload new templates? I’m not sure what are the exact steps, I think you just need to go to the mods menu, and click on create a new mod, there will be an option to make a template mod, where you select in a list what you want to include in it, all from the menu, should be simple.

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thanks! yeah I completely forgot that you have to create it within the game and not through steam. confused me quite a bit