Music by Voobr - Samples & Discussion

Hi all! I’m Voobr. I’m going to post some of my musical pieces in this thread. I humbly ask for your consideration as a potential composer for the community soundtrack project. Let me know what you think. :wink:

Thanks so much for listening!

A party of adventurers journey across the unforgiving land at dusk. A gentle song meant to convey the feelings of hope and exciting possibilities being just around the corner.

Against all odds, the settlers managed to create a thriving society. A more detailed exploration of the melodic theme introduced above in “Night Journey”.

The party of adventurers encounter a seemingly unstoppable force of evil, struggling valiantly toward victory. An exciting and tense “boss battle” theme in the tradition of Japanese RPGs.

After hundreds of years of work and dedication, the kingdom’s greatest construction project is finally complete: a castle of truly grandiose scale and splendor. A driving track intended to spur the listener on to greatness.

As twilight approaches on a warm summer evening, the town’s glowing firelight evokes a sense of peace and contentment. A flowing, graceful tune describing a peaceful night for the town after a day of hard work and progress.

The kingdom’s most dedicated workers toil endlessly: hoisting wood, working stone, building their future. A plucky, energetic cue intended to accompany construction sequences.

“Fire!” shouts the watchman. Several buildings are engulfed, the occupants fleeing for safety. A gigantic beast terrorizes the kingdom, but our defenders are ready. A combat song describing a fundamental truth about a fantasy kingdom: threats to safety are constant, and must be defended against.

A society cannot be built without loss. Today, we both honor and mourn those who gave their lives so that we may live in a kingdom as great and as peaceful as ours. An elegy, an ode to those who have passed. A fantasy kingdom has plenty of need for such moments of reflection and appreciation.

A 3 minute-long song which attempts to capture the emotional impact of inspiration.

Thanks again for listening. :wink:



my dear gawd… a host of tracks from @Voobr!?!

well, no two ways about it… sits down in a comfy chair

time to relax… :smile:

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its nice but most of these are already used by the game Timber and Stone so radiant might not want to add them :L

Hi there! Thanks for listening. :wink: And you’re right, these songs won’t be used in Stonehearth; they are just here to demonstrate my capabilities as a composer. :thumbsup:

If I’m accepted as a member of the community soundtrack team, I’ll be producing all-new tracks. At least, that’s how I understood this process. Maybe @Doug can chime in and clarify. :wink:

Take care,



Whilst the lord @Doug is our now resident go to guy on all things sound, I would personally welcome with open ears anything you produced, the quality and feel of your tracks is absolutely brilliant.

There isn’t much I can offer in the way of feedback (do you even need it?) except that ‘Night Journey’ reminded me of Lord of the Rings.

For some odd reason ‘The Fruits of Industry’ is one of my favourites, I really wasn’t expecting that!

Anyway, I’ve splurged enough incoherent words for one thread.


@Voobr Absolutely fantastic work Voobr. The tracks you linked above have such great character, I love it. The Timber and Stone guys were lucky to have you. In reply to your question, yes, we will want new tracks for the Stonehearth title from the composer(s) we choose. While the fidelity of the samples used in the T&S tracks may be a tad too warm, and of high quality for the 16-bit feel we are going for, the ability you have to tell a story, and create a setting through your compositions is spot on! I’ve got my eye on you sir :wink:




Splendid Indeed, I spent a few hours replaying these tracks. You now have officially added your songs to my RPG Music playlist.


Thanks @Doug! I’ll see about creating a demo track in the appropriate style. I’ll post it in this thread when it’s ready. :thumbsup:


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@Valiance @Geoffers747 Wow, thanks for the kind comments, guys. I appreciate it. More to come. :wave::wink:


Truly excellent work @Voobr! I only wish I could create music like this. I look forward to listening to the music you compose for SH!

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Love the music, nice job - Very fitting for the theme and style of the game.

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like @Geoffers747, I liked ‘The Fruits of Industry’ the most as well. It had a ‘Andrew Bird’ sound to it.


This music is quite great, I would much rather have a “full” sound than a “16-bit” "retro sound. I mean, minecraft had an amazing soundtrack, and it added much to the game.

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These tracks sound amazing I would love music like this to be in stonehearth.

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Voobr these r all great. I also make music, but am wondering: How do you upload it? Do you need a soundcloud, or can you directly upload files?

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most folks use soundcloud or YouTube to host their tracks… :+1:

Relistening your tracks and I really like elegy, I hope you get on the team and be able to make a track like it ^^

p.s. also loved The fruits of Industry and night journey :slight_smile:

(actually, they’re all great, some are just my favs)

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Thanks! I’m glad you like these songs. :smile:



nooo! I’m stuck in transit home!

will give this a listen tonight… thanks @Voobr! :+1:

edit: absolutely wonderful new track … definitely gives me a 16-bit feel and is a very inspirational, exploration piece of music… :+1:

paging @Doug! :smile:

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It sounds wonderful! :smiley: This could really be used, man… You sure are a pro

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