Multi-monitor / Nvidia Surround / Amd Eyefinity / 21:9 - support


I use Nvidia Surround @ 5760x1080 and the game actually scales perfectly and when I first loaded the alpha, the game was working - but now I can’t click on the banner to start the game. The menu does something strange and renders on the left monitor. I’ve taken a screenshot.

I just tried it again and if I click to the right of the banner and crate (like almost where they should be rendered on the middle monitor).

Is this something you could look at?



If the other bug reports are right, try clicking the banner where it would be with a “normal” resolution (i.e. somewhere in the middle). The GUI is rendered absolute, while the the “trigger areas” are properly scaling. Or something like that.

let’s just file this under bug reports, and see what @not_owen_wilson might have to say… he’s smart and stuff…

Cheers for the feedback!

Wow, that resolution is ridiculous :smile: . This might be fixed in the coming update (I fixed a bunch of resolution/scaling bugs, though some UI elements are still positioned absolutely, @Tom!), but we don’t have an surround/eyefinity setup for testing. What a wonderful excuse to acquire one…

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for purely scientific purposes… because:

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Steve… that picture scares me on many, many levels…

don’t let Bill scare you… invite him into your home and your heart, and join the movement … resistance is… a scientific principle

I’ll always encourage more people to get a surround/eyefinity setup :slight_smile:

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