Changing the UI scale for UHD monitors (4k, etc.)

So, I got a new 4k monitor recently, and all of the UI elements just seem too small. I end up having to lean in to read the text on things, the buttons seem smaller than they should be, the sun/moon is tiny, and the layout of the text in the selected item notification is off a little bit. Here’s a screenshot showing what I see when I play in 4k. I think having an option somewhere for the UI scale, or having the game change it automatically for larger resolutions would be a solid idea.

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This sounds like a suggestion for @yshan. Can CEF deal with this?


I would like to ask would there be support for 4K 3840 X 2160 screen size to scale up Fonts size I have glass an I ASUS 32" it run an look Great. All I ask is turn up Font size for 4K I would love that Help us with glass on…
lol thank you for fun game to play over an over

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This is to fix the UI on 4K Monitors.
Hope it helps.

I wonder if it is a viable solution to add embeded mods to different extreme resolutions, like super small or super big. So users can simple activate it for his specific needs like we can do with any other mod.