Moving Gong Causes AI Pathing Glitch

After you’ve placed a gong and try to relocate it somewhere else, the assigned worker will remove it from its original place, bring it to the new location and then glitch out just before placing it.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Place a gong and wait for it to be fully deployed.
  2. Instruct a hearthling to move the gong to a new location.
  3. Observe the glitch described in the summary.

Expected Results:
A standard item relocation.

Actual Results:
A perpetually stuck worker.

I was able to unstick the worker by console destroying the gong’s ghost, but I was never successful in moving the gong somewhere else. The AI re-sticks on any new placement requests.

Screenshots and savegame available upon request.

Version Number and Mods in use:
A16 R559 x64

Has this happened with any other item, or just the gongs? Also is it any gong in particular (scout, general’s). Yes, a save would be helpful.

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Just the gong, and I saw it with the scout. I’ll add the save tonight.

Hi Linda,

As promised, here’s the save: (9.4 MB)

I even added a ladder to make sure they had a valid path. If you drop the walls, you’ll see the hearthling glitching to try and walk through the wall instead of path down the ladder (that will get built shortly after loading the save).

Thanks for the save!

Indeed, the gongs had some bad destination regions, so your hearthling thought it could place it through the wall. A fix will be included in the next build (after the latest A17 build that just released on unstable).



FYI: Still ran into this glitch behavior as recently as A17 D3013, and I’m also unable to place an Elite Gong at all. Hearthlings just ignore the request indefinitely, even though it shows as available in my inventory.

Edit: Nope. Nevermind. Ignore me. False alarm. It just took them a VERY long time to get around to it.

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