More Suggestions?

Let me know if you agree or disagree?

Suggestion 1:
You have to farm materials to make certain items in the game right? Sometimes, this takes sooooo long to do. How about dismantling them to get your materials back? Obviously, I should imagine that wood and stone can be an exception as this is pretty much what the world is made up of.

Suggestion 2:
Having the option to quickly toggle through your inventory storage to easily filter or find a particular item. Having a large town with many different storage places can sometimes be difficult to find what you are looking for. Also, finding a particular chest or vault to filter things can be a little tricky when you can’t remember where it is.

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  1. I get where you are coming from, but the extra function would be a lot of extra bits to accomplish very little. With map expansion in the sights of our future I think this will be less of a concerning matter with time. Sell what you dont need when you can and use the gold to buy the materials you would like to “salvage”. Again, just my oppinion.

  2. As of right now I believe you can use the search bar to find an item quickly within your town inventory. However, I too was very frustrated that when I select the item and the gold bracket shows around it nothing happens. I at least expect the camera to center on the storage location if I double click it. Maybe highlight it too?

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please no centering the camera, while it sounds good when clicking one thing occasionally, its a nightmare if you are going through 20 crates as your perspective shifts each time and you have problems predicting where to place your mouse next, it becomes a horrible experience.

highlight? SURE :jubilant:

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