More magical classes?


Ok, so we will have Geomancers. That is nice.
But how about pyromancers, aquamancers? Or some wizard type?

I think there should be more magic in the game once you release it completely.

How do we get to those alternate planes?

Perhaps a castle filled with undead may generate in the world ruled by a necromancer?
A power you could possibly get one of your workers to learn.

I just feel like magic should eventually be a full gameplay mechanic.

I mean i suppose it could be modded in (and I may do that), but i hope that it becomes a thing in the full game without mods.

A bunch of sugestions(magic first)

Magic is something that the team want to be rather rare - that it’s some potent force that is hard to gain access to and is potentially dangerous.

Magic is perhaps one way, it’s all just guesswork right now though :stuck_out_tongue: Perhaps you stumble across an unclosed portal, or craft some sort of object that enables you to explore planes? Who knows right now.

Magic will be there, just perhaps not as wide as you are wanting.


Oh, it would still be rare, I just want more variety.

for example, if the necromancer castle is implemented, it would be exceedingly rare, as with the other magic, they would be exceedingly rare, but they would be there.


Well bear in mind that we still have no idea how many classes and what variety there will be. So it is very likely we will see more magical units at some point!


quote from Team Radiant (responding to additional units like the Magma Smith):

…our current take on magic is that magic will be rare in the game … so you can imagine a wizard type unit being an epic type unit … we almost think of magic like a nuclear power, you can do a lot of fantastic stuff with it, but the more you invest in it the more chance you have of having a disaster.

and a host of threads on the topic, that might be of interest (nothing that seems merge worthy here though):


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And there we have it!


I’ll go ahead and check out those topics.

I sincerely hope more magic and a decent sized variety of it will exist in the game eventually. :smile: