When will the first magic class be added?

Im curious when the first magic class will be added… and when it is added will it be a base class or an evolved class (i cant think of a single class that would evolve into a magic user… except maybe… farmer?) does anyone know?

Also i heard that they planned a race that was supposed to be more magic focused… is that still true? I would love a race that would use magic in place of more traditional tools.

Im a huge fan of magic in games and in RPG games i always pick a mage so im really curious what the magic classes would be like in stonehearth… soo many possibilities like raising the undead to have your own undead army or something… or magically growing crops… it could be really cool.


I always go for magic, too :slight_smile: in RPGs I’m usually the healer.

I don’t know the answers to any of your questions, but I’m curious too.


so nobody has any idea when the first magic class will be added? or if it will be a base class or evolved class?

well… on the [road-map][1] its looks like its going to be awhile for the geomancer, which will most likely be the first magic class.

as for whether it will be an upgrade class or not, im unsure… we could get TR’s thoughts on this, @sdee could you possibly enlighten us? or is that against the rules :wink:

P.S. welcome to the discourse @AdriannaVentara :smile:
[1]: Stonehearth Development Roadmap – Stonehearth


Alright… but i am really curious about if it will be a base class or a evolved class (cus IMO it wouldn’t make sense to “evolve” magic as an upgrade from any existing class… except maybe farmer (cus of potions or something i dunno)

And then there was said that one of the races would be more proficient with magic (the red guys i believe who are supposed to represent Asians forget their name)

And thanks for the welcome :smile:


in some wyas this would make sense as the starter class for the Geomancer, as they both have to do with dirt/earthy stuff.

[quote=“AdriannaVentara, post:5, topic:13050”]
And then there was said that one of the races would be more proficient with magic
[/quote]heres the list of once planned playable races,

  • the Ascendancy, the current race we play

  • the northmen alliance, viking like race

  • raya’s children, the magic focused class

  • goblins, yes they were planned to be playable at one point, whether this still holds true or not remains to be seen.

  • the rabbit clan, basically rabbit-men

  • dwarves, they’re dwarves, what more can i say?

im hoping TR still makes all of these.

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I hope that when they add the magic focused race they add tons of magic decor items… like mystic tomes or magical fountains with special magic effects or something. maybe a magic fire pit like the goblins have… but without the skulls maybe purple flames instead (magic is usually purple by default in most games)… but yeah when they add magic we need magic decor items obviously

how else would i be able to build a wizard’s tower :wink:


Don’t forget the dwarves :slight_smile:

doh! i knew i was forgetting someone, it was all my excitement about the goblins :laughing:

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We’re saving magic-users as a treat to ourselves. Nothing is concrete enough to discuss yet! :smiley:


ooo! but that does mean its being worked on, right? :smile:

Eventually? :slight_smile: Our current class-in-progress is The Cook. Which I guess is a kind of magic, though probably not the one you’re thinking of. :slight_smile:


Hopefully the magic class will be able to summon the magical Llama! That is once I convince you all that Llama’s need to be added

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isnt @Feashrind working on a mod about Llamas?

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Not sure but that would be epic if they where! If not I guess I’ll add Llama’s myself and ride of into my castle, Like I was flying a dragon but instead it’d be on a Llama!

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I do agree there is a distinct lack of llamas currently in the game. Don’t forget to make them spit.

i got alpacas and llamas mixed up! how… how could i make such a terrible mistake… :scream: :scream_cat:


the raya faction needs to have ridable dragons… they are based on the chinese/asian group and they love dragons ect so why not right? Also who wouldnt want to ride a dragon… at the very least there should be dragons in stonehearth at some point… because dragons are awesome.

Didn’t they mention their desire to avoid generic animals like cows and use things like yaks? I dunno, maybe Llama’s could be a mountain alternative to sheep.


It’s okay, I forgive you.

Can they use radiation to heat up a piece of pizza? I sure hope so!