Is magic present?

I posted in the Kickstarter but my comment was quickly lost among the 8,000+. Ha! So I will ask here…

Is magic present?
Will we be able to research it along the lines of the Thaumcraft Mod for Minecraft?
Will we be able to create our own spells along the likes of Morrowind?

Thanks for making what I hope to be an amazing game!

I assume it will be given this [url]picture on their website[/url], but I don’t think there’s been any official confirmation - it’d seem unlikely to be left out in my opinion.

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There will be, I read or heard somewhere. But if I recall correctly the magical system has not yet been ironed out. :smiley:

They haven’t decided if they want to have it play a major or minor role yet.

I hope they have a variety of magic. Like Mage magic, perhaps some druid magic. Might even be able to sprinkle some cleric magic. Of course you could go all crazy and add evil magic. Ie. some of those zombies we’ve been seeing.

Yeah, in the livestream they said there will be magic but they haven’t decided whether they want a “high magic” or “low magic” world yet.

Personally I think “low magic” is probably a better option for the base game since modders can always add more but it’s hard to take it out if it’s in to start.

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@Pendryn I wouldn’t put it in those terms. It’s more like they haven’t decided whether magic should be common or rare. For example, would it be possible to train every villager to levitate blocks to and from locations (this would be on the extreme side of common, call it “Magic Level 10”) or should it be reserved for boss wizards and rare staffs that have special effects (call this “Magic Level 1”, an extreme form of having it rare) or will it be somewhere in between? I think magic will play “major role”, but the question is how saturated in the game world will it be?

I personally think this would be a cool option to have at the start of your game. One mechanic you could have is a concept of some sort of “magical crystal” and until you find this crystal, you can’t make magical units. However, the crystal can only make a certain number of magical units because it has limited power. So when you start the game, you could set these crystals to being a “high occurance” or a “low occurance”. The faction that has crystals could become very powerful, and could sell them to others or use it themselves. This is a rough concept, but it’s just an idea.

I don’t want to have all my units be wizards/clerics, but I want them to be on the battlefield next to my archers, etc.

Did someone say materia?

I’d have to agree with perhaps not allowing everyone access to magic though, perhaps only certain villagers will have the aptitude, or as you said, some sort of item that enables you to make a certain amount, who knows!

Actually, I take that back, I’m not too sure what I think, ha. Well this comment was definitely worthwhile.

Yes, that is perhaps more accurate. Personally, I think they should have so that getting magic is a big deal. Like. BIG. Maybe you send a team out to go exploring or whatever, delve into a cave or raid a gobbo camp or what have you, and you find a magic source, be it a gem or book or whatever. Bam. You can have a wizard. One. One singular wizard. And he isn’t very good at it. Perhaps he can get better if you find another source? Perhaps you want to very bad wizards. The choice is yours and yours alone! Good luck!

@Geoffers747 As excited as I was to see the magic casting character in that image, I was even more excited to see dual wielding crossbows standing standing next to the caster… I love gunslingers. I do have to agree with you though. With that image and the comments Tom made in the Livestream concerning magic, it seems rather likely that it will be in the game in some fashion.


I was meaning to post something about that, cue the squad of infantry dual wielding shields!


I wish I could like this a thousand times. How badass would it be to have rows of dual tower shield wielding infantry with mages in the back???

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They definitely said the Magma Smith is magical, given his gauntlet, etc…

Some people might have very low forms of magic like being able to lift very small objects, levitate them so they don’t have to wheel them around in a wagon. Tiny blocks etc…

Then you’ve got the Magma Smith who can bring forth magma, for either defensive structures or maybe offensive structures, shaping the ground near him, etc…