[WIP] Mod: A totally different RPG world and a lot of elements of MAGIC

I am going to make a mod with magic. And I am working on the jobs and i also came up a lot ideas. But one thing is it may need a lot of hearthlings. I do not think everyone’s computer can work with it. So i will try best coming up with a good background.

So, I want to know what you guys think.about the magic world and I will try to make a perfect mixture with them.
Now i have ideas with Chinese Elements.


I think buildings are underused so far in the game. How about different buildings with certain themes that teach different schools of magic only in that building? Would be pretty cool with a mod that has castles and such that actually has a meaningful function other than aesthetics.

It would also be cool to have research decided by the villagers themselves. Like these schools of different types of magic could battle it out against each other. Say every “year” (like every 20 in-game days or so?) you could have some kind of tournament where the winning side decides what type of magic will be focused for the coming year. That could in turn decide what theme of research that will be unlockable. This way each new village you play could become very different. Sometimes you might do eastern magic, other times norse, other times dark etc. Maybe you could have effects like the weather change for that year to match the ruling school of magic. Maybe even the moods of the villagers change? Each school of magic could have strengths and weaknesses. Like with dark magic winning the tournament, all villagers would have potential to become very powerful blood mages, but it also comes with problems like crime and low morale.

You could perhaps also alter the world around the village depending on this. Maybe you can choose what your first villagers will be (good/evil/whatever) and let this originally affect what magic will be of interest. But then depending on quest-success/food quality/happiness you could “inspire” the villagers to go different routes without the player being too much in control. All this could add a lot to the RPG feel of the mod while still leaving a big part of the village simulation intact. Maybe you could have a single villager as your main character who is the only one you can control, while all the others live lives that realistically decides who they will become.

Then i guess another big part of the mod would have to focus on the quests and storyline. I guess you’d just have to be creative here. Some quests could be underground. The goals could differ between killing, fetching, making, talking, charming, curing etc.

Oh, and you could have powerful mixes of schools of magic create new combos and such to give the player a reason to actually build all of the school buildings. Otherwise the player would obviously decide the fate of the village entirely by which buildings they place. Maybe you could even add procreation into the mod so that if two mages of different masteries create offspring, that person will have unique abilities. Maybe you can also get to choose companions to have with you on your quests.

My idea is that before you start, you have to figure out the power system of your magic, or “what is the source of your magic”. This is a basal problem which many magic system dealt with, and answers are many:
For “Craft the World”, dwarfs consume potions to cast magics. If you are using this system, just make something like a “potion altar” and let it consume special potions placed around it. Or otherwise, let your mages carry potions and consume them will be nice.
For"Endless Legend", Ardent Mages use Dust to cast spells. However, they can’t do that easily unless they experienced pain or rage. So you will tend to relate magic with some kind of “natural magical substance” if you go by this, and you will need some restraint to avoid overuse(like pain and rage for AM).
Or your mages are getting power from their belief in Cid, or The Monkey for Rayya? Then maybe you will prefer to build a faith monument which serves as “Mana pool”, accumulate magical charges which can be consumed by mages.
You prefer the idea that “mana=vitality”? Then just let your mages get their HP drained when they cast magics, if their HP go critical, they should abandon their jobs and go to attend herbalist at once.
It’s also nice to just make mages with extensive training, similar to psionic operatives in “XCOM2”. Go down this path,you need nothing else but just a highly magically attuned hearthling (LV6 on both herbalist and cleric maybe?), don’t forget to
give a significant cooldown on their skills.
These are all ideas of where does “Magic” comes from, guess you will need to figure this out before thinking about what you want to do with it.

For the magicians would be a new class or an evolution of the chemist?
For the magic he can also have there special plants which would give of the magic when they are collected or then rule her in the shape of rabbit stone little also to be envisaged or indeed buildings(ships) special for the magic

Acutally the line between them can be blur. I’ve already mentioned “Craft World” mages, they use potions for all spells other than basic lighting, and this “Alchemist-mage” idea is accepted by players.
And the “special plant” idea is an expansion for “Alchemist-mage” ,I guess. Always feels good to see new plants, although I think it’ll be a little bit weird to let regular farmers and cooks to take care of those magical plants which may poison, or scream (Yeah, I mean that in Harry Potter…).