More/Less Enemies Potions

So I would like to see the herbalist be able to create 2 new potions that change the weather and increase or decrease enemies for a day. Depending on which potion you use your hearthlings would also get happy or grossed out.

The first potion would turn the skies to sunshine, and would have a description like you smell so good how could anyone hurt you, or that the potion was made from sugar and spice and everything nice. They’d put sugarbells in there, flowers, and gold flakes (all nice things!). You’d have no enemies spawn on the map, existing ones wouldn’t be hostile, and campaigns would all take a respite…so you can play hard mode and not wipe your whole town out before you have a cleric capable of healing people.

The second potion would turn the skies to doom and gloom. Fog. lightning. It would have a description like you’ve angered the gods or you smell so bad everyone’s trying to get rid of you. They’d put rotting food, coal, and a goblin trophy in it (all gross/bad things). You’d have heaps of enemies spawning all over, so much if you were in hard mode you might need new pants.

Why? Well sometimes I like to fight and sometimes I just like peace. It would be nice to be able to stave off attacks for the first few days by finding the right ingredients or have a break between campaigns and things when I am feeling overwhelmed and I think this would enhance gameplay. It would also add n interesting element to manipulating multiplayer as well…the enemies would be spawning for you but if they have to pass your enemy they’d go for them too…it would be an interesting tactical choice to make yourself a target to impact your enemy. It would also allow the herbalist to practice a little magic before they become a cleric. They can throw the potion on the hearth and everyone can stop and get sparklies or bad smog and react to it.