Modds and multiplayer?

how are modds going to work with multiplayer?

Different possibilities

  1. Not have the ability to play with modds with friends.

  2. Can play with modds if your friends have the same modds.

3.Can play with friends even if you and your friends have different modds.

Does anyone know the answer to this question?

If not maybe it good to start to finding one.

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I doubt anything is set in stone in this regard, but i bet it would be a big goal for the team to have modded multiplayer possible

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Considering there isn’t even multiplayer, I think it may be a good idea to think about what multiplayer might entail before how mods will fit in with it. That said, I imagine mods would work just as they do right now. Both players will likely need to have the same mods to play together.

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I would love to see sth like in some terraria modloaders: You can just go on a server and the server tells you automatically what mods to download or (if they are listed in the mods server browser) download them automatically so you can play