Will other people see my mods?

i mean when i play with someone and i have a mod installed (lets say a samurai civilization mod) will the other guy see my mod or will he just see the normal sprites?

They’d be able to see them. For myriad reasons ranging from balance to compatibility you’d both need to have the same mods to play together. Of course we don’t really know how multiplayer will work at this point but I can say with near certainty that you will need the same set of active mods to play together.

This probably says it better than my poor attempts at writing:

  • How will mods work in multiplayer? Say if I create a super one-hit-kill sword …

“For multiplayer games, the server will determine the list of mods that are in use for that game, and all players will need to have those mods installed.
So if you created a game with a certain set of “fair” mods, I can’t join your game with my uber-sword-of-whup-ass and wreck shop.
We will have some system to sync up the mods between you and the server so you don’t have to manage them manually.”


oh well thank you for the quick answer

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