Modding in Gameplay


Do any of you know if the following will be possible at some point in the game.

1- I have made a module. I want to play it with my friend. We co-op and play the module together.

2- The only thing missing in that module is a specific enemy; which I model and create, so I put it in the module also. We both see the enemy and interact with it.

3- I create my own super-weapon (OP) and use it in a PVP match with my friend. Thumbs down.

4- I want to raid my friend and take all of his _________. (Money, Resources, Stockpiles…?)

5- I have designed my own characters to be different and he has to not wait a long time to see it, and be able to connect.

Thank you, just answer the ones you know.
If I think of any other ones, I’ll post them.


Hope my answers help.


nicely done @Froggy… :smiley:

the only “detail” i would add, is that most of these have been addressed in @Geoffers747 wonderful Q&A thread… take a look, and bask in its awesomeness… :sunny:

About Q #3 … It is actually possible, I believe there has been said that the host of a server can decide which mods are allowed in the server. So even if you use the op super weapon mod. Doesn´t mean you can use it in someone else his/her server. :slight_smile:

I interpreted the question to be:

Can I create a mod, which gives ME a super weapon to bash my friends face in?

i.e. can I use mods to create an unfair advantage?

If you create a super weapon mod and load it on your server, all the other players on your server will sync to that mod. If everyone has a super weapon, its not super anymore. In which case I stand by my answer!