How would mods be in multiplayer?

Say if i got a mod that put a new sword or a new kind of mob in the game. How will this effect joining other servers or hosting my own? Would you download all the mods in other people’s servers or games, or will it just vanilla when you play co-op ?

The current idea the devs have is that servers are going to have a list of mods that are installed on it that users will need to have installed in order to join them.

Yer, the quote from the team is:

“For multiplayer games, the server will determine the list of mods that are in use for that game, and all players will need to have those mods installed. So if you created a game with a certain set of “fair” mods, I can’t join your game with my uber-sword-of-whup-ass and wreck shop.
We will have some system to sync up the mods between you and the server so you don’t have to manage them manually.”

Obviously this might be subject to change, but at the moment I would say this is their stance on it!

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Oh right, so if i had a sword mod everyone who joined my server would have to have installed. Do you know if there is an auto installer?

mmmm i guess that if they are going to support mods from the begining, maybe they will include some support for mods when you access the game in the login screen, or something like that; so you can see the most popular mods, the mods that your frineds are playing with, and some other stuff, and then manage your installed mods and search for another new ones to install.

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