About client mods in multiplayer

So, I made two mods that changes a few things at world generation (the oasis mod and the rivers mod, and soon others)

Those are run just once in the entire life cycle of a save game, at the world generation, and can even be excluded later and the game would still run fine and world would still have the changes made.

With that in mind, someone joining a multiplayer game where the host used one of those is forced to sync his mods and download them too, even though it should not be necessary for them to play. (The host can generate a game with them, save, delete the mods, reopen the save and then invite players, it would work without them needing the mods)

So my questions is basically this: Would it be ok for those mods to be marked as client_only? Even though the changes are server side. Would that work?


I think that would technically work but I feel uneasy about marking a server_only thing as client_only it seems like opening up more opportunity for spooky errors. I guess we could have add a server_only checkbox that is a different promise: This mod will not add any assets, only make server-side code changes that the client doesn't need to know about. That way we could automatically disable those mods for people who are connecting as clients.


Uhm, sounds like a lot of work. I guess there is no problem in it for now. I mean, it is helping spread the mod, and it is just a few kb. :sweat_smile: