Is anyone working on the multiplayer mod?

Just wondering if anyone’s working on the multiplayer mod like Skyrim modders. Although I think it would be more difficult to solve the CPU/RAM problems and find a good method of mutiplay mode than actually have the multiplayer mod made…

The devs have it planned as part of the game.

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it is planned to be added when the game leaves early access.

Do they? Well, I’m still a bit curious how they will manage to make a multiplayer features… and how the modding will work when the features are made.

No one knows how it will work yet :frowning:

I’m sure that as soon as the devs actually know how it’s going to work and have some confidence in their ability to implement it, we’ll get an announcement. This will also probably be one of those things that goes through a lot of revisions after release as they get feedback from the player base.

I’m curios @fantasyworm, how you envision multiplayer for this game working? I have a few ideas of my own on how it may happen but I’m always interested in how what other people picture the game progressing.

Multiplayer is not a simple tweak that can be inserted by a mod, nor is it going to be 1 single alpha release (at least not one that they work on for ~6 weeks like the content and bug-fixes themed ones). The devs discussed difficulties of multiplayer implementation a bit on yesterday’s livestream, which is still available on the Twitch channel if you’re interested.

The game is built from the ground up to support multiplayer (e.g. client/server architecture). The development is simply not there yet.

i believe they said at some point they hope for both co-op and competitive multiplayer… if im remembering that right… though im not sure how either will work.

Well, here’s the thing. I really can’t see the way they will make this game into multiplayers.

First, the map’s too small and not easy to expandable like minecraft. How will the game have multiple players’ town in one map?
Second, if the map’s small, you can try to make it like Age of Empires, but most of the game’s users seem to love building and crafting more than destroying and killing. I don’t think the users will just fight right away and end the match.

Will they change the method of map for the multiplayers? This seems to be the only reasonable solution.

I’m quite sure that the first iteration of mp we see will be cooperative shared city multiplayer because it’s the most simple way to implement aus the game stands now and cooperative mode is in the list since kickstarter (400k strechgoal).

The other variant (300k strechgoal), the player vs player city raids were described by Tom in the early streams as passive multiplayer, where you get a copy of a players city to burn it down. With the implementation of traps and defensive towers this could even happen before real mp…

As for pvp multiplayer, I don’t know how they would do this at the moment, space and resources (on the map and the CPU) could be a problem until the game is optimized … and they never promised such thing :wink: