(modded?) Tree completely green when far from camera view


I remember this issue in the past and I think there was even a solution, but I can’t find the topic. I’m not sure if it is something in the game or in the model, or how to fix it.

Edit: Ignore the red ground, just silly tests.

Isn’t this just the LOD?

Yes, any way to better control the result? I mean, the coconuts are not getting green, just the tree trunk. The papaya tree is the opposite, the trunk is brown while the fruits gets green.

It picks up the color that’s more frequent in the model, I think, and the entire model becomes that color.
Not sure if there’s a way to control it, can’t find the thread where this issue was mentioned. :confused:

This was added for performance reasons, not sure if it changes when you modify the drawing distance or not, would need to check.

Are the coconuts in a different matrix, perhaps?

No. Only a full single matrix. I will try messing with it though as that is good place to start checking for different results

I made the trunk and foliage into different matrix. It worked.
Does splitting into 2 or more matrix can affect performance? Considering that there around 2000 trees in a single map