Pawel's Mod Corner: Autoharvest, Biome Crops, LostEms & others

I just realised some things will require much more attention than I assumed, what will effectively reduce my summer break to last two weeks of September.

Well good luck to you with what you have to do :slight_smile:

I think it’s time for a brief report.

My level of exhaustion has reached unacceptable levels last week so I decided to jet off to the sky for the weekend. Prague with its numerous Italian style buildings ranging from Renaissance to Neorenaissance was a pleasant choice.

I’ve realised there are some technical problems with Archmod assets. First, even if I use the same stone colour for the walls as I do for an entity, due to the shading the entity still stands out. Temporary solution was filling the empty space with some reliefs but that is not very authentic. I wonder if there is a material used for rendering building voxels and if there is a way to apply it to entities as well. The best option would of course be an ability to cut just a fraction of a voxel with a cutter, but I don’t think we can get it.

Second, I think it is necessary to include half columns for a purpose different than I assumed: in order to place them between two tiles. This is necessary to make an arcade with arches directly adjacent to each other.

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Can you show us a picture of the color problem you are having? I don’t remember walls being different from entities if they have the same color.

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As you can see there are numerous problems. The edges are either not 100% accurately scaled (that’s the problem with animations, look at the edges of arch segments, I can calculate angles and scales with theoretically infinite precision but the engine won’t accept anything more precise than a double float) or z-fighting with voxels (may be the case at the edges, but can be caused by the scale problem as well). Shading is done differently on entities than on voxels.

Now I’m wondering if some tricky shaders could help here. I don’t need actual hole in the wall, I can approximate that (or even define it precisely if desperate) with whole voxel cutter and fractional collision boxes. If it was possible to define a material which causes nothing to be rendered at all in case of a z-fight (even better if I could specify the ignored material so only voxels are subject to this behaviour), I could assign it to a QB matrix shaping the hole. Basically a null-the-voxel shader.


Looks good!
Not sure, but I’m guessing it is kinda related to this? (modded?) Tree completely green when far from camera view
Though in the trees case it needs to get the camera really far to start changing.
Or maybe it is some problem when calculating the shadows? I use low shadow quality and there is a lot of stuff going near edges.

Well, I am not even remotely satisfied. The above is in fact quite a good screenshot (I’ve seen much worse scenes while testing, this is just an instant build to serve as an example).

keep us up to date! this mod makes me super excited.

nice job dude, keep ep up,

thanks for the marvelous mod :smiley:

So I managed to get one of my bachelor’s degrees yesterday, chemistry is still on the way, but fetching documents back and forth for four days completely exhausted me so little progress was made.

I was planning a test version release but it will have to wait, I want to complete the Classical (i.e. Hellenic and Palladian) set and I still have some arches, windows, doors, pilasters and pediments to complete. Good news is the Architect class base, columns and pillars are pretty much done. I’ll post screenshots soon, and since Steam supports Sketchfab preview in Workshop I may add some models there as well.


Congratulations! Don’t stress about putting your education first, it’s better to get your mods right than to try to rush them out the door and I’m sure the end result will be amazing! Keen to see those pictures when you get a chance :slight_smile:

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Congratulations! Well done :smiley:

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Still alive.

WARNING: Masonic Easter Eggs ahead.


Gotta say I love that work table! :stuck_out_tongue:

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The table and the pencil. I really love that one.
I think the idea of being able to craft architectonic elements is great. :+1::+1::+1:

Have Fun, Kyth.

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Stop teasing me, this mod looks so good.

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is it safe to assume that this mods been abandoned? :frowning: I’d very much like to see this continue to be developed because it shows so much promise.

It’s been three weeks. Seems a little quick to call it dead IMO.


MEH time moves quickly. 3 weeks is like 3 years :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is far away from dead. I have real life stuff to do. And this mod is intended to be huge so it will take much time to release the first version.