Very weird building bud, featuring a lot of red colors


My friend is having the time of his life designing a building however met with a lot of annoying grunts due to bugs.
Steps to reproduce:
Pretty hard to say

Expected Results:
No red colors :sweat_smile:

Actual Results:
A lot of red colors

This is from a friend of mine sitting right next to me, with permission of him to show it to you guys.

Version Number and Mods in use:
Latest Version on Steam


Video is not working?


fixed :smiley:


Hmm that’s weird, could be a tree issue? When you kept placing the blocks did it self fix?


…I think you broke it


Hmm, not sure, would be a bit weird if it was the tree though


I DIDN’T I SWEAR, It was my friend ok


Uhu, that’s what they all say


Can you upload the template or the savegame?


I lost it sadly, I’ll let you know if I can recreate it!