[MOD] Wizard Quest

:stars: Steam Workshop: Wizard Quest

:arrow_right: Or, download the mod file: wizq.smod
Please put the file into the folder named Stonehearth\mods

Here is another magic mod with a quest to obtain:

  • :wolf: Wizard job Wolf Belts

  • :dragon_face: A fire breathing Dragon Pet

  • :closed_book: A special Magic Spell Book

The Wizard is skilled in Polymorphing into a beast with enhanced slashing claw attacks, and also uses various Elemental projectile attacks, including occasionally casted multiple target blast abilities. After crafting spell books and equipping them, the spell projectile attack can be changed with the command button in their information window.


As their skill level increases, they can craft their own equipment and transmute some resources.
The quest events progress as the Wizard gains experience and the settlement gains value through goods, and constructed buildings and agriculture.


I love the hat! Also wizard bunny! :woman_mage: :rabbit:


Wow, this looks really cool!
Great job. Huzzah!