Mystic Alchemy Mod

I am fairly new to modding but I think I have some understanding of how it works and how to code so I am going to try to do this idea I had for a mod Mystic Alchemy.

Mystic Alchemy will add a new kind of alchemist that uses magic to create potions that are more powerful but I am staying with Radiant Entertainment’s idea of magic being rare and somewhat dangerous.


  • The only way to gain access to this upgrade is for one of the people above to move in around your area and most will be hostile
  • Once you come across a neutral one you can buy some of the special potions or if you have a Physician (going off the kickstarter page class tree don’t know if that has changed) and have traded enough with them you will be able to buy their trade secrets
  • These people are nomadic so they will move after a certain time has passed
  • Once you have a mystic alchemist they may cause increase monster spawns or possibly a plague

New Character model using @Froggy shepherd model found in this post Unofficial Model- and Template-Files for Qubicle

I am going to make shepherd robes (which I am using as monk robes for right now) for the female character but here is her head design


New bottles


carriage door, wheel, firepit, and bird stand

then the bird and a crate that will hold bottles as deceration

I will take suggestions, feedback and tips you have them


thats a clever way to keep the overall magic vibe rare in the game…

but does this mean you can effectively “upgrade” a Physician to an Alchemist? or will they simply be able to supplement their recipe list with some new potions?

Something similiar to this has come up in my head before, though i lack all scripting skills etc. In other words, i love this idea!

there going to upgrade maybe not by buying the recipe more like paying them to get trained

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