[Mod] Unlock Crest Decoration Mod v1.1 [r2477/dev-Alpha11]

Hi Folks,

Here is a simple and small mod that gives the blacksmith a recipe to craft the crest wall decoration.

The recipe is 2 short sword and 1 Shield. It is unlocked at level 3

Download Version 1.1

Here is the crest deployed and in its iconic state/form

And the sword positions are moved.

And here the Blacksmith workshop window



  • Mod was created.
  • Added 1 Gold Ingot to the recipe for realism
  • Fixed sword positioning for the crest
  • Entire crest moved closer to wall

To Radiant:

Feel free to use the idle.json for the crest animation I edited to fix the crest in the base mod.


Although Team Radiant doesn’t want people to unlock in progress contents like this, I don’t see any problem with this mod. :confused:

Does anybody remember if the deployed crest looked like in the picture above? I remember that Tom had a hard time adjusting the position of the swords in a stream…

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@Relyss if it really is unwanted I can take it down.
the model is offset off of the wall.

I don’t think that this case is a big deal, so don’t take it down :sweat_smile:
Paging @sdee for comments.


No it’s fine; it’s a relatively small thing, not a giant feature. :slight_smile: Thanks for making the game more awesome.


Thank you. As Stated above Radiant is free to use my fix to the animation of the crest. :slight_smile: