Wall Crest item


Immediate Crash to desktop
stonehearth.log (23.1 KB)

Versions and Mods:

Version 1.0 with latest Hotfix 2,
Better Storage
Lorkis Biome
Box Redeploy
Some building Templates

System Information:

Windows 10, Geforce 1050Ti

There is a decoration item bought from the Weaver supplies vendor called “Wall Crest.” The icon looks the same as “Wall Mounted Tapestry” but when placed it looks like a yellow shield and a sword. I have never been able to place it on a wall, the game always crashes, sometimes right when selecting it in the place down menu!

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Thanks for reporting, @Findersword :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t think this item was meant to be available, it has incorrect info. I think the crash is because it can’t find the animation to pose the sword.

Bug still there, item still there (available from cloth vendors)

The game either crashes out immediately clicking ‘place item’ with it selected, or sometimes it lets you see the preview of the item (shield with a sword either side of it) but crashes as soon as you click to actually place it.

Miniature icon is also wrong when it is on the ground.


log file shows it is indeed the animation file as the problem.

client | 0 | resources | Error Looking up animation /idle.json: invalid file path ‘/idle.json’.
client | 0 | sysinfo | Memory Stats: Fatal Exception