Stonehearth Assertion Failed, Crash to Desktop

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I linked this topic to my previous one because I wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye to my A14 D2786 world just yet (I know… I know…), and wanted to see how it behaved after the D2795 release. As such, take this report with a grain of salt.

I was designing a custom building, a watchtower, and had made it up to the second story, complete with an internal spiral staircase. :slight_smile: As I clicked away from the building designer UI, the entire SH client crashed to desktop. I can honestly say that’s the first time I’ve ever seen it do this.

Suggested Topics indicates I am not the first, so please lump me in with whichever the most appropriate existing report is best.


Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Start a typical world and begin designing a custom building.
  2. Click out of the UI to deal with some regular world event or another.
  3. Witness the stonehearth client crash to desktop with the Assertion Error displayed above. (does not occur regularly)

Save Game (FWIW):
Please see linked topic. Unfortunately, because it CTD, all of my progress was lost. Not a big deal, it’s unstable dev release testing, but it does mean I can’t provide you with a sample.

Alpha 14, Dev 2795, x64

Client Info:
Win 10 x64
Intel Core i7
Nvidia GeForce 965M

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Hey there @megashub, you are not the first Assertion Failed: error, but the line that follows does appear to be unique. Going to ping @Albert and @not_owen_wilson so they can take a look at this.

BTW, if this happens to you again, a copy of your stonehearth.log and your crash.dmp would likely be useful. Please be sure to copy your stonehearth.log somewhere safe if you do not plan to upload it before relaunching the game as the file is overwritten every time you open Stonehearth.

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Would the crash.dmp for this event still be useful, or only if it happens again?

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Unless the game crashed again, the crash.dmp should still be useful!

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Just an FYI, you should be able to upload a *.dmp directly, so no need to zip it in the future!

Okay cool. Played it safe. :slight_smile:

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Here is the current (as of 1/19/2016) list of allowed file types:

(.jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .txt, .csv, .log, .obj, .qmo, .doc, .docx, .pdf, .xml, .evtx, .qcp, .qcm, .qb, .lua, .zip, .dmp)

You can view the current list at any time by clicking on the upload button!

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Just the ticket. The root dir inside the .smod also had -master. So just renaming the .zip itself was not sufficient. It’s working now as expected. :slight_smile: Thanks for the assist!

Flagging this for @not_owen_wilson since it’s an assert in Scene::queryNode().

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Looks like a post of mine was withdrawn? Did I break a rule? confused

huh, it didnt get flagged… i just thought you had deleted… gimme a moment to check around and see whats up with that.

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Maybe I hit a hot key? My touchpad has been throwing me all over the place lately.

that could be, i checked the admin panel to see if it was flagged and deleted but there’s nothing about it, so somehow either you or the system deleted it :confused:

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Might you know how I can undelete it? :slight_smile:

Neeeeevermind… found it.

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