[MOD] Torch Mod - v2

#The Torch Mod!

My newest mod, adding handheld torches to the game…

as well as standing torches:

and new blacksmith items:

Download Link (v2)

What does this include?

  1. Handheld torches for your footmen. These are held in the off-hand, in place of the shield. It provides a slight chance to block, light for your soldier, but most importantly the Bright Nights buff, giving a 40% bonus to courage. Cost: 1 Wood, 1 Coal, 1 Cloth

  2. Standing torches for your town. More difficult to build than lanterns, but you get four of them! Cost: 2 Wood, 1 Coal, 1 Cloth.

  3. Iron brazier

  4. Tall Iron brazier

  5. Big flaming mace (two-handed)

Older versions
[size=8]v1: torches.smod - Google Drive


ooooh! i like it! and of course im out of “like” right now -_-

[quote=“phector2004, post:1, topic:12950”]
Cost: 2 Wood, 1 Coal, 1 Cloth.
[/quote]i like the recipes, they give more use to coal :smile:

this will definitely be used by me :blush:


I would’ve liked to use a liquid fuel, e.g. tar or pitch, but coal seems to be the closest thing to it. And it is quite useless otherwise, I never have enough iron ore to use it all up!

thinking about iron, what if you added iron braziers and torches to the mod, the recipe would use iron and coal, and be made by the blacksmith. they could possibly give better buffs. just food for thought :wink:

@phector2004 I’ve got some questions:
Do do you plan to add combat with the torch?
And will other hearthlings be able to carry one?

Also good work with this and good luck sadly i don’t have a pc and so i dotn own the game

I had different ideas for the future of this mod, but if I manage to model braziers, it would be a cinch!
Maybe in the next update!

The small torch is coded in as a shield, at the moment. I don’t know much about the coding behind weapons and armor, I just copy pre-existing items and mod them to my liking.

Maybe when official off-hand weapons are created, I’ll be able to have a look at how they were done and make the torch ‘swingable’

I can look into this being equipped by normal hearthlings, but it serves them little purpose now… maybe the trapper could have some use from it

Hope the mac/linux wait isn’t too long! :smile:


Very nice! I was actually just recently thinking about how nice it’d be to have a wooden variation of the braziers we currently have. I assume you might also make some wall variations?

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They’d be easy enough to throw in. If I have free time tonight, I might do do both the iron and wall-mounted models, but I stress that I have bigger plans in the works!!

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if you want, i could try my hand at modding them in, then you could just toss them into your mod.

No need… modelling them now!

:open_mouth: i cant wait :smile:

well done @phector2004! looks/works great! :+1: :clap:

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Well this has only been out for half a day and I’ve already made v2:

New items:

  1. Iron brazier - as requested!
  2. Tall Iron brazier

These both look a bit evil… The goal was to make a wiry iron frame, much like you’d see on park benches and patio furniture. Not very cute, but I’m open to swap in other peoples’ models

The giant thing to the left is a BFM, a big flaming mace…
I used it to play around some more with buffs/debuffs. Costs a lot (6 iron, 2 coal), and needs an experienced blacksmith to forge its intricate design, but packs a punch. Its wielder is nearly fearless, but doesn’t enjoy the burden of hauling it around!

N.B. if this doesn’t work in-game, please let me know. I’ve tried making it a two-handed weapon to even out its power a bit but haven’t had the chance to try it against enemies!

v2 Link


this just might be my favorite mod, and thanks for taking my suggestion about the braziers :blush:

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yay torches! looks good.

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Hehe thanks

If I don’t go see Mad Max today, I might put out v3!


huhu ^^ little update on this mod? like i18n and default_locale? :smiley:

just for info @ll - works still fine with alpha13 ^^


How does a soldier decide wether to pick up a torch or a shield?
Can we control what a soldiers picks up?

currently (and maybe never) we can’t choose who gets what equipment. the way its decided is by the “ilevel” of the item, items with higher ilevel will be chosen over items with lower ilevels,

the wooden shield has an ilevel of 2, whereas the torch from this mod has an ilevel of 4 the iron shield also hasilevel of 4, and the steel shield has an ilevel of 6

so if your soldier was using a wooden shield when you crafted the torch, they would take the torch and drop their shield. but if your soldier had an iron shield they wouldn get the torch as its the same ilevel as what they already have. and if your soldier had the steel shield they wouldn’t take the torch because its a lower ilevel then what they currently had.

hope that helps.

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