Safety torch(scare the monsters away)!

Very recently i was listening to Tobuscus(a famus youtuber) “Safety torc”. Its about a kid buying some torches to keep the monsters away. That got me thinking(again), maybye there could be a simmilar system in Stonehearth.

Here are some mechanics(as allways)

-Mobs(depending on race level etc) will be scared by (the lord of) light.

-Mobs can’t spawn near torches(not applying to special mobs).

-Settelers can grab torches and use it as a weapon.


-Magic torches?

-Gigantic torc!

Thats it i guess.


I don’t think this will be added.

As much as I hate Tobuscus, this is a pretty solid idea. I mean the torch idea in itself is not a bad idea. The only problem is I don’t want to have to outfit certain characters to hold certain things. Like micro managing villagers with torches would be a pain! If you were talking like your city developing torches and every citizen gets one, that’s fine. I just don’t want to have to equip every single one with a torch, If every citizen were to receive torches I would hope they would put them on their back instead of pop them out of thin air.

Torches on some things are okay like walls, and trees. On the ground, not so much. Like I would rather have lanterns and stuff put up then torches. Cause if it’s raining your torch will go out, but with a lantern it will just keep on burning.

I like the whole magic torch idea, which would be cool. What could it do though? I mean you’re kind of vague with the descriptions. I would imagine the magic torch would be used to summon creatures or something. I like the ideas, just be more descriptive.

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@Feashrind thank you for you’re support. I wasn’t that deskriptiv becuse i couldn’t come up with something, i thought you guys had some ideas.

Actually… Tom already mentioned in the past that fire could play the role of keeping monsters away from your settlement. No details have been discussed at this point, but if I remember right (@SteveAdamo or @Geoffers747 can and will correct me), the camp-fire and some additional light sources which can be placed freely in the settlement have been mentioned as examples.

Absolutely hope that this will find a way into the game as it would allow for an alternative way of keeping your city “save”.

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Actually it is already in the code. I saw it once on the wolf AI code or somewhere.


May be rather easy to abuse. Some mobs being scared of fire/artificial light etc (wolves anyone?) makes sense. Undead? Less so.

I imagine that mobs won’t be able to spawn near most artificial objects (or people, or in visible territory), because this would be the easiest way of preventing them from popping up inside or too close to your settlement. Sure, you could I guess plop a vast grid of anti-mob-spawn objects down over a huge area to be safe, but that’s (a) a lot of work and (b) may not work if there are any mobs interested in trashing your things / stealing them etc.

Don’t see what’s wrong with this. Weak sword with chance to deal damage over time.

Certainly having additional mechanisms for keeping mobs away from areas is a good idea in general, whatever form it takes. Eg light an area up… or wall it off, or place a magic device in it that pushes mobs out, or… you get the idea.

See the actual hearth IMHO.

I like the idea of the torches scaring mobs away, but only a few select mobs. Goblins and Orcs, obviously, need light as they live aboveground. However, if you encounter some sort of underground creature, the torch = weapon idea is pretty nifty!

Ever the downer, aren’t you, Dwalus? :stuck_out_tongue:


as much as I want to “correct” you (as is my right, given the powers bestowed upon me), I too vaguely recall something similar… :wink:

at a minimum, I fully expect to see torches as craftable/placeable items… I would expect them to ward off some characters, but for the most part, provide some lovely nighttime ambience to my town…

As long as its not like minecraft where you have to put the bloody things EVERYWHERE I’m cool with this idea.


This should be a good Idea, but only for Select-Enemies, like Enemies that are Nocturnal or live Underground.

Yea, that’s the problem with mob spawning; they can often spawn in very strange places just because (in the Minecraft example) the light and room requirements are fulfilled. If I had a large ring of torches (but still very dark places within it), mobs should not spawn within the circle.

I agree to the thought that only specific mobs are scared of fire, plus, torches should always burn for only a specific time, long enough to last for one night but no more! Unless they are magic torches crafted by the Geomancer of course :wink:

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I aim to please.