[Mod] Settlement Decor Mod [Download available]


Could you please tell me what the sunflowers & foxfire are listed under for containers & stockpiles? Whenever I try to specify for certain things like plants they suddenly don’t get picked up & put into any containers or on stockpiles unless ALL is specified


Is it any particular part of the sunflower or foxfire that is doing this? I just tested this by harvesting sunflower and foxfire and it was placed into the plants stockpile which is where it should be.


I’m not sure if it’s because I’m using the Plant Lore mod as well which seems to change the stockpiles & containers slightly - ah well no worries :slight_smile: Thanks!


Just owndering, did you change anything in the mod for the “Robust door”, or oms other setting for the doors? I can no longe rplace them with the margins removed in the game.

Is there a way to change this setting?


I haven’t made any changes to any of the doors for a while. What do you mean by the margins being removed?


Updated with some small bug fixes and some new artwork for the gardener job tree and craft icons. Thanks goes to @cindersnap for those, which now replace my old not so good looking icons :grin:.



Will this mod ever be updated for the “beauty system” ? :smiley:
I really enjoy this mod, so I was wondering :slight_smile:


Probably after a23 is stable. Most modders understandably don’t want to release for the unstable update, as things are still changing.


Yes as @Kittyodoom said now that the unstable branch is even more unstable I won’t be releasing updates for it. I have however already made most of the changes to the mod needed for a23 so once a stable version is launched a new version of the mod shouldn’t be far behind.


Thanks for the reply! :smiley: Also : awesome work!


a23 is a few days stabel :op


@Lorki Updated to now be compatible with Alpha 23. Some of the appeal values may still need adjusting for balance but for now they are mostly suitable. I may also add more resource options for the input filters.


Nice ^.-


Small update to fix an error with the gardener worker outfit. The mod can now also be found on the steam workshop.


Time for another update, now compatible with alpha 24+ and includes some other fixes and improvements to effects. I have also added a fireplace entity that comes in 2 forms the stone version and clay version, both of these are using a new function I have added to place effects from items themselves rather than having the effect play on the entity. This was useful for the fireplace as it allows you to place a smokestack where ever you want or not at all, or multiple even, making chimneys easier to create. I hope to use this feature on other items and I am open to suggestions for ideas on how else it could be used. Note that the effect must still be placed onto a block of some kind so the chimney cannot be completely hollow.


Seems like you have my idee made new show lorkis objects in steam mod.



To be honest I have wanted to add a fireplace for a long time but never knew the best way of implementing it, because of the issue of where the smoke from the fireplace should go. If it the smoke comes out of the fireplace it would clip through the building and look weird and if I added a chimney entity with the smoke coming out of that it wouldn’t always fit the style or height of the building. That’s why I decided to go with this place effect feature as it allows you to create your own chimney using the normal building editor and then put the smoke effect where ever you like. Plus it should hopefully be a useful feature for other things.

I think the way you have added it looks pretty good though and is certainly similar to the approach I have taken.


it’s not like it’s solved the same way.


The northern Alliance doesn’t have access to most the banners.


I think perhaps you might be confusing my mod with another that you have, all of the weaver items that this mod has are included in that screenshot.