[Mod] Settlement Decor Mod [Download available]


Really? oml sorry. Idk what mod adds the other banners lol


New update is out. I have removed the sunflower plant and replaced it with a tulip, all entities that used the sunflower now use the tulip instead and the tulips can be found in the temperate biome, sunflower crop is also now the tulip crop.

I’ve also added some more place effects, some fire flies for the foxfire and ember lantern, a bird flight effect for the bird house and a haunted ground effect to the sarcophagus (keep a close eye out on this late a night :ghost: )


So the recipe for one of the Raya’s Childern Shrines requires sunflowers… still… even after all sunflowers are now tulips. Also, my herbalist cannot craft tulip seeds, only sunflower ones. So… … also I am playing on a re-embarkment. I don’t know if that is where the hang up is.


Wait, this mod adds sunflowers and tulips too? Because both are vanilla plants now