[Mod] Remplace - (Mass) Replace placed items

Remplace is a mod that allows you to replace or exchange items.


The latest .smod can be found on GitHub.


  1. Select the tool under “Build & Design”
  2. Drag the area that contains the items you want to replace.
  3. If the area contains any items you can replace, a new dialog will pop up.
  • At the top, the different entity types that were in your selection are displayed.
  • Directly under it is a list of items in your stockpiles that can be used to replace those items.
  1. Select both the entity type you wish to replace and the entity type that it should be replaced with.
  2. The Replace button should be enabled and again list what is replaced with what. Click it.
  3. Your workers will start to undeploy the existing items and deploy the new ones as soon as the old ones are gone.


  • You can only replace things with items you have in your stockpile. It’s not (easily) possible to, for example, teach a carpenter to take apart a bed and make a better one out of it.
  • Currently, only entities placed on the ground are supported. Support for entities-on-walls might follows.
  • Replacing the same items within a short timespan will lead to them being undeployed again. I think there’s some AI bug in there, but I’m pretty certain it’s not my fault. It could happen if you do it manually, too, I guess.
  • The “Available Items” part will always show you all items (and their amount) in your stockpiles, including the ones that can’t be used anymore (because they are reserved). This is semi-easily fixable, but not worth the effort in my book.

And of course, special credits as usual to my partner in crime @Froggy for the artsy stuff.


wow~~~~That’s great, you really great

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I think i’ll see this compliment, and raise it with an “@RepeatPan is a coding force of nature”… truly, you never cease to amaze… :smile: :+1:


Can you replace more than one type of item at once (i.e. replace a with a’ and b with b’) in one go?

[I would try it myself, but I don’t have my computer with me]

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You can only replace one item type (i.e. comfy bed, mean bed, arched chair), but as many items of this type as are in the area. In the video, for example, I replace 8 chairs in one go.

Of course, you can use this tool as often as you want, with as many different zones as you want.

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Okay, I think we need this in vanilla now.


is this mod still working for “a12”?


Maybe? Can’t say without trying, I suppose.


huhu im here again :stuck_out_tongue: not playabe with a14 … little update :heart_eyes: and if possible also i18n support or if you want i can do that^^

I don’t think the effort would be worth it.

ok :frowning: but i think this mod is it worth :wink: