Moving Objects Such As Buildings, Benches, And Stockpiles

My suggestion is that we should have the option to move Objects such as Buildings, Benches, And Stockpiles after they are placed. We already have that option for the Firepit and the Flag, so why not for other Objects?

Moving buildings would be a bit much. I understand objects, but given how long it takes to build a building, the only option would be to have the ability to dismantle a building, and then to re-build it.

God that’s a terrible sentence, but anywhoo… Benches for sure should be movable!

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We can move other objects already! Just click the object and you should see a green arrow appear next to its name at the top of the screen? I know it works with beds and fences. I imagine it works for everything.

I’m not sure about stockpiles … it’s not really that different from now in that you designate a new stockpile and remove the old one. Your workers still have to move all the objects.

I agree in principle that buildings should be moved, but it would take a large effort on their part to move the building, it shouldn’t be as easy as simply moving the building from one place to another like the objects.


I think that things that “make sense” to move, can already be moved… moving entire buildings just doesn’t really make as much sense as moving say, beds and tables…


I think we can’t move the carpenter’s workbench for now, and that should be movable, too.

First of, stockpiles are not objects per se, they are… I think they call it “zones” or “regions” (but “designations” in the code if I remember correctly). They are more or less just a 2D area I think where stuff can happen, for example the somewhat organized dropping of items.

Now for stockpiles, moving one from A to B would be the same as if creating the new stockpile with identical options and then removing the old one. Because all items have to be carried over anyway, piece-by-piece, it would be the same as if the stockpile was moved/resized. Merely the options part would be nicer; but I think it could be possibly to provide a “Click another stockpile to copy its settings” or maybe “Create a stockpile identical to [selected one]”. Of course, you can also mod so the stockpile just has such an option for moving, which does exactly just that. Except that items might end up in other stockpiles due to the normal AI activity…

Items that can be move mixin a placeable json file, which defines the action of moving. Moving items require a proxy entity that defines the “little one”, so not all entities are capable of being “just moved”. For functional objects, you also have another issue: You need to “lock” them somehow. Otherwise, it would be possible that a bed is carried away from under a sleeping villager, or their chair gets stolen, you get the idea. I’m not sure if something like that is already in-place or if you can actually… relocate furniture during their usage.

Especially for work-related objects, this becomes a bit of an issue: When you move an object, you don’t really “move” it, you destroy it, create a proxy, and the proxy (upon being placed) re-creates the object. This means that whoever saved a reference to the old object (i.e. carpenters remembering their workbench for example) will suddenly have an invalid entity there - unless the proxy takes care of that.

So you see, for such objects that some might get attached to, it’s getting a bit… more complicated. Now that I think about it, I think beds are such a case, as they are “leased” if I’m not mistaken.

It could happen. “Everything must change so it can stay.”

Well then, instead of moving Buildings how about we have the ability to demolish them?

This is planned as far as I know, there was discussion during one of the earlier livestreams about the possibility of demolition physics, but demolition will surely be in at some point.